Passenger Boarding Bridge Tyres

The tyre is designed as a cost effective solution for converting existing pneumatic tire equipped bridges. The On board PBB tire eliminates 50% of the cost of other solid tire conversions and last at least 3 times longer than the traditional pneumatic (aircraft style or retread). Typical life expectancy of the on board is 6 to 10 years in normal service life. We replace the passenger boarding bridge (PBB) tyres for the bridges manufactured by Thyssenkrupp, FMC, Shinmaywa, Team, FMT, Aerotech and many more.


  • Reduce drag and strain on electric drive motors
  • Improve stability of passenger boarding bridges
  • Increase maneuverability of the bridge, creating a safer docking environment for aircraft
  • Eliminate hazards of rapid deflation and subsequent down time
  • Eliminate maintaining high inflation pressures required by traditional pneumatics
  • PBB press-on assembly. The solid press-on assembly is the ideal solution for passenger boarding bridges that are currently equipped with press-on rims.

Size Table

  • 40 x 16 x 30      28 x 12 x 22
  • 36 x 16 x 30      28 x 10 x 22
  • 28 x 16 x 22      22 x 14 x 16
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